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Former users of this website will have noted many changes since it was first launched in 1999 but 2017 has seen the most dramatic revision to date and a change of title from the Encyclopedia of Document Management to Document Management Today. Over the years this site had become so large that it was difficult to manage and we were receiving suggestions for a new website devoted solely to our old speciality - micrographics. We have therefore  taken the logical step of removing the micrographic content from this site and adding it to a new website entitled Microfilm Today. Most of the other sections of the former Encyclopedia have been retained with the exception of the Guide chapters which attracted few visitors. The entire content is being updated - a mammoth task that will take several months.

We have reformatted every page to permit display on an iPhone or similar device. The site has been tested on a variety of small screen devices and it seems to be performing well, but we are always grateful for feedback and hope that users will report any problem.

Many visitors come to our site via the search engines and land on the exact page they require.  Visitors to our Home page previously had to click once to reach an index page and then select the page they wanted from that index. This was acceptable on a PC but we know that users sometimes have difficulty in making selections on very small screens so It is now possible to access any part of the site in one click from the Home page. We have re-spaced all links to permit easier access and the address section now spreads the alphabetical selection buttons over three rows instead of two. In some cases the new layout is less attractive, but it eliminates one step in many searches and we hope that it will be welcomed as an improvement. To enable users to jump around the site without returning to the Home page, all of the index buttons at the head of each page have been retained.

This is the eighteenth year in the life of the Encyclopedia and it has attracted nearly a million page references during that time. Alternative sources of information have proliferated during recent years, all of them providing some answers to questions within their scope, but very few attempt to list all UK sources while some on-line directories only list advertisers or members of an association. Search engines often publish repeated entries for advertisers amongst the early results and include large numbers of irrelevant answers. In one recent test we entered "A2 document scanner UK" into a popular search engine and got 410,000 results! In fairness was the first listing on page one,  but the next seven entries were for UK service houses offering document scanning facilities - not hardware. A local sales agent for two major suppliers was number eight. The first entry for a prime UK supplier of A2 scanners was on page 3 and the next was on page 8!

We try to have enough sub-categories to ensure that there are only a manageable number of results from any search and that all results are appropriate. As an example document scanners are broken into five mutually exclusive groups based on their maximum input size. Each product is only listed once - under the name of its manufacturer. If the actual manufacturer has no sales office in the UK we also list the prime UK agent or distributor. There may, of course, be hundreds of sales outlets in the UK offering the same product, but selection of an appropriate machine would not be assisted by including them.

Compressing the width of web pages inevitably increases their height. Some listings - such as UK office document scanning facilities - are very long indeed when viewed on an iPhone. We list the county where each service is located in a separate column on the right of each page to assist users, but some marketing managers may wish to take advantage of our very low advertising charges to purchase a priority listing and appear at the head of each relevant section.

Whenever a supplier informs us of a change of address or a new product launch we can almost always amend the site within 24 hours, but it is difficult to comb through hundreds of websites, comparing their content to what we already have in this directory and making all necessary changes. We try to visit every supplier's site at least once a year and make any obvious updates, but suppliers with free entries should check that their entries are comprehensive and accurate and let us know of any necessary changes. There is no charge for unlimited alterations and relevant additions but we do need to be told. Sponsors of the site can rely on us to monitor their entries fairly frequently, but it does no harm to draw our attention to any change of address or the launch of a new product or service.



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